Bian Bo Xian treasure boy, he is a genius love beans worthy!

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  天游平台编辑报道,Bian Boxian's fierce place, is that he and both men and women can get along harmoniously and also can be very popular, such a result, is absolutely not what act in pettish cute, others will buy it, at least not the same sex. So, he is a life coach in a cute skin, with a sharp mind that works through the marshmallow, which is sweet and powerful. It is very difficult to grasp human interaction, and it is rare that he can penetrate and implement it so effectively. We have been a warm presence. I am xun Qi, later become Xun Bai (not cp meaning) Bo Xian really can not make people dislike him, genius love bean really only he can hold up. Second is the level of appearance, as a voice-controlled dog hand control, I said Bian Boxian. He meets my requirements. Sweet, salty, nice hands, two feet and a half! I really want to be on the wall. Then there is personality. Personally, I think he looks cute when he is out of control, but actually he is a stable and well-planned man (and takes care of both of us).

   He's emotionally intelligent, sweet, warm, and comfortable, and he's all man (whether he's comforting Ellie or a scalper). In a word, Bian Boxian is the treasure boy. Genius loves beans! Because he really has a way of surprising people. I used to chase stars, but to my feeling is chasing for a long time (generally a few months do not chase HHHC) on the boring do not chase for another. Until I met Bian Boxian, MY relationship with Bian Boxian seemed to be over the relationship between Aidou and his fans, which was more like a lover than a fan. He really brought me a lot and rescued me when I was at a low point. I really love him.

 Bian Bo Xian

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