Bian Boxian is many rice circle girls, rice on the first love beans

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  天游平台编辑报道,Side "xian really was a wonderful, my small make up his career from his love to the ah, now he is not very attractive at the beginning, but later after being attracted is out, fell in love with life, I dare say" xian is on top of the food in my life I love beans, and last, what if the rumor I will believe him, I'm not gonna believe a word of it until he says it, and how can someone so sweet and so warm be what they say. Small make up I remember when they made their debut in those days, a lot of people get can stand or when wu queer Lu Han, because these four too handsome, but little boh because of the reason of the height (don't call me) is not visible, but the poster, I see at a glance "xian, immediately when he asked" who is this ", then a glimpse of life by mistake.

   He is the first one to remember his face and name. I never thought he was such a gentle person. I must be very happy to be his fan and always pay attention to him. At that time the side chasing star sisters all said bobo is airborne how how, I stun the neck said "he, bian Boxian, he will be fire", seven years later today and hair small chat, hair small I have a good eye. At that time MY eyes really only Boxian, in addition to him who also can not fit. The existence of Byeon bohyun is very exciting. Or, because his existence exists, later later on all of his heart, are built on the basis of his existence. Or rather, he's been around since the first time we see him. Even as time passes, even as we grow and age, he will always be there, shining.

 Bian Boxian

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