Was ridiculed where all false she, exactly is how the fire?

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  天游平台编辑报道,What is your first impression of Ju Jingyi, a rare beauty in 4000 years? Since Ju Jingyi has been named the beauty of 4,000 years, she has enjoyed a lot of dividends from the title. But as her popularity grew, many people thought the title was unrealistic and made fun of her. Probably can't get used to the controversy of the netizens on their own, but also specifically stand out for their own name, said that he never like the title, but the netizens to their own Ann, he is an innocent victim, so that the majority of netizens look down on her more. But even so, she still walked out of his own way in the entertainment circle, now also became a very high flow floret, really let a person feel some incredible, as long as the appearance level in the entertainment circle can fire up?

   Indeed, when it comes to ju Jingyi's representative works, it is hard to think of any one. But when it comes to the roles she plays, each one has similar makeup and personality. How can she be remembered? In addition to her beauty, there is a very important reason, that is because she is "too fake". Fans may not want to admit it, but Ju Jingyi is full of false feelings, no matter her hair size, her so-called right shoulder, or her face. Every time she is caught, she will lie again and again, and fans will believe her again and again. But it is true that the audience's eyes are clear. Can so many Chinese netizens still not tell whether Ju Jingyi is real or fake? But there's no doubt she's already hot, so let's hope she keeps it up with something better.

 Ju jingyi

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