Birthday rare business, sister beauty out of the sky!

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  天游平台编辑报道,January 15, is the female star Xuan Lu's birthday, speaking of the female star, may be a lot of people think of her in the "Chen Qing Ling" in the role of the teacher's sister Jiang Disgust from this role? It is also because of this role, so let her completely out of the circle, and also appeared in a lot of film and television works. It's just that since that role, she hasn't had any role to play. Maybe that's what made her so popular. Now in the entertainment circle has been unable to arouse too big sparks, people can not help but sigh, can flow star only fire so a period of time, will be forgotten? But even so, there are still a lot of fans who like her, and they send their heartfelt wishes to her on her birthday, which is a great comfort for a female star who lives outside the third or fourth line.

   But in xuan Lu's birthday this day, she posted a group of nine square charts for their own celebration, and captions "today is a group of serious female star business photos," the comment area have joked "are you afraid that their appearance is too popular, no one can recognize them?" "But more people were wishing her a happy birthday. Xuan Lu this group of photos is full of girl feeling, wearing a beige slip dress at the seaside, let her beauty and the sea and the sky are the same color, slender figure, delicate skin, every move is full of charming charm, is beautiful to foul. It's no wonder that so many fans love her so much even though she has only one role to be remembered. In this age of looking at faces, Xuan Lu's face is indeed quite popular. But hopefully, she can hone her acting skills and deliver a work that really counts.

 Xuan lu

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