Li Xiaoran's low-key love

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  天游平台编辑报道,When it comes to Li Xiaoran, no one will not know him. Li Xiaoran's position in the entertainment circle is also very high, but the good development of his career does not mean that Li Xiaoran's emotional life is also developing very well. To know that Li Xiaoran's love life has always been a focus of discussion. Li Xiaoran never made do with his feelings. He has been in love with his ex boyfriend for seven years, but there is no result. Finally, because of the impact of this relationship on him, Li Xiaoran dare not touch his love until his good friend Xu Jianing moves. Only then Li Xiaoran was accepted. To say that the love between the two people was quite plain. Xu Jianing, a friend of Li Xiaoran, accompanied him for many years, but only silently. Later, Xu Jianing finally married his own goddess because he was moved.

   After they got married, they also lived a very low-key life. In fact, after Xu Jianing and Li Xiaoran got married, the voice of the outside world did not stop. Even many people said that Xu Jianing was not worthy of Li Xiaoran at all. And the two of them don't care about the gossip at all. Later, we also slowly stopped. President Li seldom appeared in the entertainment circle after he got married, but this did not affect our attention to them. Just a few days ago, Li Xiaoran and her husband appeared in front of us to show their love. The two people talked and laughed about where Xu Jianing was. Li Xiaoran was only in charge of Meimei Enough. This kind of love is what we envy most. No matter how each other looks, it's enough to be nice to Li Xiaoran.

 Li Xiaoran

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