Xie Miao will Semyon shine

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  天游平台编辑报道,When it comes to Xie Miao, now many people know that this little actor. The works that Xie Miaozi and Li Lianjie cooperated with have been welcomed by many people. However, Xie Miaozi signed a one-year contract with Director Wang Jing. After the contract expired, Xie Miao faded out of everyone's line of vision. Zhou Runfa suggested Xie Miao go back to study when he was chatting with Xie Miao's mother In the entertainment circle, Xie Miao's mother also listened to Zhou Runfa's advice. Xie Miao didn't let him fight in the entertainment circle when he was very young. As soon as we quit, we seldom get the news from Xie Miao. To say that Xie Miao was a popular little actor in that year, his martial arts were not bad at all. With his cold appearance, Xie Miao also played many martial arts works, and the development prospect of countless actors in that year was very good.

   The stars Xie Miao cooperates with each other are more and more famous. However, after so many years of indulging in it, Xie Miao's comeback has lost the brilliance of that year. The first comeback is just a net play. However, this net play Department has attracted everyone's attention. Many people are saying whether Xie Miao will create the miracle of the second martial arts actor. In fact, everyone pays back for Xie Miao I'm still looking forward to it. After all, in recent years, those excellent martial arts actors he knows are getting older and older, and they rarely bring excellent martial arts works to us. At this time, there needs to be a small actor, so that the martial arts actors once again become the group that everyone pursues. Will Xie Miao be the one you expect? Do you have the same expectation as Xiaobian that Xie Miao can bring you more good works.

 Xie Miao

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