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  天游平台编辑报道,I believe that even if you haven't seen this work, you must be very impressed with it. In the third season, the program group brought you to Xiangxi and started the yearning life in Xiangxi. After you came here, you were attracted by the beautiful environment and peaceful life here, while the guests in the first episode attracted a lot of controversy. The stars invited to this variety show are usually old friends of the permanent guests. Let's come to this mushroom house and have a chat. Let's recall the past life with interesting things. However, in the show, one person's performance was subjected to everyone's Tucao, this person is Zifeng Zhhang, actually Zifeng Zhhang this young girl is very cute, but because of the first time to make complaints about guests, let Zifeng Zhhang a little too nervous.

   However, thanks to teacher he Jiong's entanglement again and again, the little girl is not so embarrassed. In the fourth season, Zhang Zifeng surprised everyone. No, in the third season, the little girl has grown up a lot, but she is still as lovely as before. In fact, many guests will be very nervous when they come to the mushroom house. Especially those young guests are not familiar with the life of mushroom house. But the mushroom house's relaxed and joyful state made them quickly enter into the state. In fact, there is a reason why this variety show can be loved by everyone. There are two teachers, Mr. Huang Lei and Mr. He Jiong, sitting in the town. The program is obviously relaxed and joyful, which should be the main reason why everyone likes watching this program.

 Zhang Zifeng

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